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European Community and South Korea have signed in 2010 the “Free Trade Agreement” protocol, which vanished nearly all tarrifs and taxes in business exchanges between the two zones. This agreement has positionned South Korea as a privileged partner in Asia. It regards both firms willing to sell to Asia, and those who search new products and technologies from Asia for their business in Europe.

Anticipating this movement, BELAUS has been working since 2005 as an expertise center in international trade. Our consultants are either expatriate korean citizens or “genuine” european, and they remain at your disposal for a daily assistance in your researches, negociations, exchanges with your partners.


Our services are highly oriented toward operation and field. We are strongly involved into practical realizations. Most of the time, a part of our fees depends on our results.


South Korea is leading the world in several industries :

– Food sector : The popularity of Korean food and food ingredients is on the rise due to the popularity of Korean Wave and the well-being food in France including Europe. Innovative new materials based on the creativity of Korean food In addition, the response in the local market is very positive.

– Organic and health sectors : The rapid growth of organic food chains in France and Europe has increased the likelihood of Korean organic and healthy foods entering the market.

– Start-up sector : The wave of the fourth industrial revolution is very strong in France, and France is trying to find a future power in start-up companies so that it is called start-up republic.

– Aerospace : The foundation of the French aerospace industry based on the ruggedness of basic science is unique in the world. This means that there is a possibility for bilateral cooperation with Korea



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