South Korea is leading the world in several industries :

– Electronic components : besides worldwide companies like Samsumg and LG, lies a galaxy of innovative small and medium businesses and reliable industrial sites, covering most of the industry needs. South Korea is the third country worldwide, after the USA and Japan when it comes to licenses and patents in this domain.

– Automobile and ship building : Industry recognizes the skills of korean shipyards, while Kia and Hyundaï cars are known throughout the world. This shows the efficiency of the whole field, from raw materials suppliers to robots and machines manufacturers and ingeneering tools.

– Clean energy : Korea has a very interesting exposure to sun, wind, and sea streams. Identified as “emerging country” in the Kyoto conference process, the country had the opportunity to finance numerous projects and equipments. This industry is considered as strategical by the governments which considers its development as absolute priority.

– Healthcare / Bio : Traditional oriental medicine uses numerous korean plants. Scientific research is now bringing evidences, regarding the potential of new activ molecules included in Ginseng, mugwort, herbal tea…

In the other way, European firms may export many products in Korea, and from there to whole Asia. Yet, korean consumers and firms are in demand for some solutions, for which the country is clearly under-equipped compared to Europe :

– Services : e-business technologies, marketing and customer relationships, personal services and more for local authorities : urban transports, water management etc.

– Environmental : Energy plants, durables raw materials, etc.

– Special realizations : Defense, Spatial, etc.