In the years 2000, Peter CHOI has been sent by Korean public company(KOTRA) to Paris. He took part in different missions, including the investment and international commerce as a responsable. He had worked in French PME as CEO for 3 years. He finally founded BELAUS Sarl in 2005. The company is now active in import/export and various types of business relationships between Europe and Korea.


BELAUS symbolizes a bird flight in full power. BELAUS is entirely dedicated to become your own wings, in order to have your business take off in Europe. We are going to do our best in our job as a bridge between France and Korea, as well as entire Europe with taking advantage of our experiments and our know-how.

BELAUS is taking great care of listening to its partners requirements and gets ready to find the best solutions for them. BELAUS commits to bring to you efficient results as fast as possible.

We know that the success of our partners builds our own success.
We will supply them the best quality of service. We will build a strong alliance during all the way to business profits.

Your Business in Europe is winning with BELAUS !

Peter CHOI, President

• Partnerships

- Gyeongsangbuk-Do is a province of South Korea. BELAUS is the representative of its business interests in Europe. GO »

- Impulsion 3000 GO »

- SBC The Small & medium Business Corporation (SBC) is a non-profit, government-funded organization established for the sound growth and development of Korean SMEs. GO »

- INKE The INKE was established by KOVA (the Korea Venture Business Association) and KASE in silicon valley (Korean-American Business Association) in November. GO »

- K-Move Mentor GO »

- DGFEZ (Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone Authority) DGFEZ also provides financial incentives and relaxed government regulations for global companies. GO »